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Accountants keep track of the money in a company and make sure that there is money to pay salary and to keep the company in operation.  More …….

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Businesses in developing countries need specialist help and accountants can provide it. See how to making the difference 

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Become A Tax Preparer

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The tax preparation company I work for does not do this type of testing. After completing a 12-week free course, they have a seminar. At the seminar, they remind you of the penalties, including jail time, that you could face if you do certain things.… Read the rest

How Can I Avoid Paying So Many Taxes!

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There are so many people out there today that I know who pay a third of their paycheck out in taxes every year. Essentially, they work for free for the first quarter of the year.

People my age, 37, have often times decided not to have children, for various reasons, and therefore are struggling to look for deductions on their income tax.… Read the rest

What is a spousal IRA

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Spousal IRA’s Explained.

Spousal IRA’s are the exception to the rule. As a general rule, an individual may contribute all of their taxable income up to $4,000($5,000) if over fifty years old) into an individual retirement account. There is an exception for couples who are married filing jointly.… Read the rest

Public Accountant vs Certified Public Accountant

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What is a CPA? What does a CPA do? Those questions once produced certain answers. Now, the profession and its leadership are grasping to define what makes CPAs different and valuable.

The attempt to redefine the profession became visible three years ago when Barry Melancon, president of the American Institute of CPAs, used the term Premier Information Professional to define his vision for the profession.… Read the rest